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CBA Skills Development Experts Welcome You

CBA Pretoria is the real estate division of Central Business Academy (PTY) (Ltd) South Africa with head office in Bloemfontein.

We Specialize in providing quality and cost effective training to existing real estate agents and individuals who wish to embark in a career in the real estate sector.

CBA Pretoria, and its facilitators has been training successful real estate agents since 1983.

A career in real estate can be a very rewarding career and can be just as lucrative as most degreed opportunities, providing that the real estate agent received the right training, and most importantly the right mind set, as accompanied by our training.

When you become part of our training programs, we will guide you in the right direction by providing you with first hand advice and guidelines that will keep you on the right track if applied to your day to day dealings as a real estate agent.

Our guidance and support does not end when your course ends. In other words, once you became a student with us, we will always be available to you should you need advice.

We believe in training agents in honesty and integrity.

We know that we are not always the first choice, but to most successful agents we are the final choice.

More About CBA

The core values that CBA subscribes to are Excellence, Integrity and Commitment. The Vision of Central business Academy is to serve previously disadvantaged individuals and groups with a need for personal and career development with affordable and high-quality education.

Our Vision

Our Mission

The mission of CBA is to provide timely and structured learning experiences, operational training, and career development programs to all candidates to improve and maintain job performance to support the stated corporate business and legislative goals.

CBA also strives to provide quality, affordable, comprehensive education and training at the entry level that is aligned to the NQF System and philosophy.

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NQF 5 RPL Real Estate SAQA ID 20188 ←

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